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IT Legacy Icon 1. Introduction

    This page focuses on the Manufacturing Operations, to include the other corporate functions that helped to make us a success:

  • Production Engineering

  • Quality Assurance - an evaluation guidance card was used.

  • Prototype Manufacturing

  • Misc manufacturing  stories here.

  • Lockheed Martin used the STARS systems to do their time cards.



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Introduction, continued:


Chapter 76 updated 11/10/2016.


2.0 Manufacturing Organization

One of our readers has submitted an organization chart from the 1970s era, headed by Emmett Johnson, Director of Factory Operations.

  • Reporting to Emmett were planner Bob Faust and Group Managers Gerry Brings, Chuck Fredrickson, W. Hobbs, R. Overas, Bernie Svendsen, and Dick Yost. 
  • Reporting to Gerry's Operations Management group were Managers Chuck Berget, Lee Best, Don Dunn, Larry Hamre, John Knaak, R. Plashko, Jack Radford, and W. Schwirtz.
  • Reporting to Chuck Fredrickson's Manufacturing group were managers R. Brings, Gerry Krueger, Glen LaBorde, W. Overen, and Richard 'Dick' Sherlock.
  • Reporting to Mr. Hobbs Prototype Manufacturing group was Fred D. Maser, Manager of Antenna Coupler manufacturing.
  • Reporting to Mr. Overas Production Group were managers R. Blau, Harold Dunnell, Hugh Etzell, Harold Grandprey, and G. Linn.
  • Reporting to Bernie 'Mike' Svendsen Product Quality Assurance group were managers Ron Arneberg, R. L. Johnson, Phil Pearsall, Jack Rickert, and Grover Wulff.
  • Reporting to Dick Yost's Manufacturing Engineering group were managers P.M. Hill, R. D. Morrison, P. Schenk, and Larry Zierhut.


Please note that I've [Lowell] have written the first name of those with whom I'd worked or met during my career. Please send me names of the others as you recognize them. Also - does anyone remember the year?




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