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Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their predecessor companies

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 VIP Club membership is open to all retired, current, and former employees of heritage** companies who are age 55 or older.  Spouses are counted as members.  As of Sept. 2021 we have 1254 active members.  Spouses of deceased eligible former employees also qualify for membership.  VIP Club membership may be granted by the Board of Directors if the applicant requests a waiver of eligibility requirements, see Associate Members and Friends definitions linked at right.

  • To join the VIP Club or to renew your membership, click membership form, print the form, complete it, enclose a check to "VIP Club" for $7 or $18, and mail it to VIP Club - Membership  P.O. Box 21903, Eagan, MN 55121.

Club Dues:  $7/year or $18 for three years.   All memberships expire on December 31st of the expiration year. Here is how to determine your membership expiration year.  For email newsletter deliveries, the expiration year is shown in the email subject line. For US mail deliveries, the expiration year is shown after your name in the email subject line as "John Doe 2022".

Note that upon reaching your 90th birthday, the club grants you a free lifetime membership. There are presently 53 members in this 'senior senior' category.

  • For membership questions, send an email to or US Mail your question and phone number to
    VIP Club - Membership P.O. Box 21903, Eagan, MN 55121
  • To change your personal information, complete and submit the Online electronic form below.

**Heritage Companies include ERA, Remington Rand Univac, Sperry Rand Univac, Univac, Sperry, Unisys and merged portions of Burroughs, Paramax, Loral, Unisys and Lockheed Martin, Minnesota entities as illustrated by the adjacent IT Legacy icon.  Successor companies include Leidos, PDA, DRS, etc. 

Online Form: For Personal Information Changes Only

1. *Enter your first name, middle initial, last name
2. *Enter your e-mail address[e.g.,].
3. Submittal type:  Change my ...
4. *Enter your street address or P.O. Box [Apt. No.]. apt#
5. *Enter your city (e.g., Eagan) and *state [e.g., MN]. state
5a. *Enter your Zip code.
6. Enter the name of your spouse/signifciant other  [if none, leave blank].
7. Enter your telephone number [optional]. 
8. Enter E for electronic newsletter delivery or P for U.S. Mail delivery; default is E.
9. Do you choose to be included  in the Club's directory? Yes or No; default is Y.
10. *Enter your 1st legacy company name, i.e., ERA or UNIVAC or Sperry or Burroughs or Unisys or Paramax or Loral or Lockheed Martin or a VIP Club Friend.
*Required Data; check your entries then click Submit.

Be patient; it takes a minute or so to execute the form's HTML and Perl scripting.  You will get a 'received' e-mail message from

Benefits of joining the VIP Club

  1. Periodic newsletters with program announcements, obits, new members' list, legacy articles, member article submittals, letter(s) to the editor, and the lighter side.
  2. Participation in all events; April Volunteer Recognition Luncheon, May Syttende Mai, Nov. Unihogs/Uniturkeys, etc.
  3. 'Low Cost' outings, i.e. although picnic attendee charge is $5, costs for food, drinks, and facility rental are about double that amount.
  4. Hosts of the spring Roseville Good Old Days and winter Annual UNIVAC Old Timers' Reunion
  5. Ready contact information for periodic small group breakfasts and lunch gatherings
  6. Contact links with former co-workers via the Club Directory - we do an annual electronic distribution to members.
  7. Opportunities for friendship via Club committee participation and recreational activities, i.e. golf leagues, electronics club, ..., etc.

Newsletters: Your newsletter subscription begins after we receive and process your application. see older newsletters at  

Directory: We will provide an electronic directory copy to members on request.  We do not maintain the directory on-line as a member privacy protection against phishers.

  Member residences during 2021 were: 85.7% in Minnesota, 2.0% in Wisconsin, 1.9% in Arizona, 2.4% in Florida, and 9% in 22 other states - plus one in Canada, Germany, and Greece. 

Membership Types

Associate Membership:

An Associate membership is available to individuals under age 55 who want to keep connected with former co-workers and our Legacy, you don't have to be retired to join us. Associate Members may participate at all Club hosted programs, however are not eligible for election to the Board. If you, the reader, are a former user of UNIVAC/Sperry/UNISYS/ systems and equipments and want to actively participate in the Legacy Anthology - please join us as an Associate, note the employer company form entry as Friend. 

Member Emeritus:

A Member Emeritus is an honorary position bestowed upon former board members who have done exemplary volunteerism supporting the board after their terms of service have ended.  This designation was created in 2008 to recognize the significance of Millie Gignac, John Dufour, and Bernie Jansen for their efforts in creating and keeping the Club alive.  Designees since then are listed in our Club's Milestones.  He/she also holds an ex-officio position on the Club's Board.


Any member reaching the age of 90 is granted a LIFE membership, i.e. annual dues are waived.

Board Associate:

In our newsletter and this web site, we use the term Board Associate as a title of members who volunteer to coordinate or lead an activity/event for the Club.  Said person may occasionally attend board meetings for communications and/or write event announcements and reports.  


Occasionally the board designates an organization or person as a Friend of the Club, i.e. the Charles Babbage Institute.  He/she receives a free copy of our newsletter to keep their organization informed about our activities.