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Information Technology (IT) Pioneers

Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their heritage companies

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't hereunder; email general questions to, email membership questions to, email website questions to, or email newsletter questions to .

Q: When does my membership expire?
A: Memberships expire in December of the paid through year,  Paid Membership Status then scroll to your name then check your membership expiration year. If 2022, your newsletter distribution is suspended pending your renewal - print the form from here.

Q: Who is in charge of the VIP Club?
A: Our 2023 officers and directors are listed with phone #s and emails at an About Us section.

Q: I haven't retired but worked for a heritage company, can I still join the Club?
A: Yes, see membership catagories and membership requirements on the Membership page. OR print the form from here.

Q: How do I send old ERA/UNIVAC/Sperry/Unisys documents or hardware things to the Legacy Committee?
A: Send an email to Legacy Committee Chair; John Westergren [] or to Associate Lowell Benson [].

Q: Why was the look of the site changed?
A: To give cell-phone and i-pad users a primary with sidebar column instead of a three column view. And to emphasize the Legacy Anthology as chapters versus the Club pages.



Related resources

  • Numbers to call if you or your heirs have death benefit or pension questions – you will need an SSN and a PIN.
    • Sperry/Unisys 1-877-864-7972
    • Lockheed Martin 1-866-562-2363
  • Unisys and Lockheed Martin sites
  • Unisys retirees in France - [you can switch your screen to English.]

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Edited 2/15/2023.