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2013 IT Legacy Logo 1. Welcome:  JOIN US NOW

    The VIP CLUB  was created in 1980 as the Sperry Retirees Club, a non-profit, social and service organization [IRS cat 501C(7).] From 75 initial members, we've grown to over 1,400 retirees, former employees, spouses, and retirement eligible employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin (LMCO), and their Twin Cities 'heritage’ companies illustrated in this IT Legacy icon.   

    We provide Club information as sub-tabs under this Club page. The other page select tabs are an anthology of our Information Technology (IT) Pioneering. This IT Legacy consists of People Engineering Computers and Systems at Facilities in the St. Paul, MN environs and the throughout the world.

    In addition to this web site, volunteers are preserving our IT Legacy at the University of Minnesota's Charles Babbage Institute in Minneapolis, MN and with an exhibit of artifacts, hardware, and posters at the Dakota County Historical Society's Lawshe Memorial Museum located in South St. Paul, MN.

   This IT Legacy is coupled a corporate sister division; see notes from Unisys Blue Bell and EMCC history in Pennsylvania. The Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group web site is Our Newsletters, page 7, has links to their NEWSBITS.

*New 2017 members, the remainder of 2016 is free ('new' includes previous members whose membership has lapsed).

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Next Event, 13 May  Event Locations

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Page 01 updated 5/15/2016.

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2. Announcements:

  • June 15 @ 3:00 PM: Annual Picnic at the Highland Park Pavilion in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Details in section 3 below.
  • August 17 @ 11:00 AM: Cruise on the St. Croix River with an included lunch - see registration form.
  • New Book: A History of the Computer Industry: From Relay computers to the IBM PC paperback was released in February by retired UNISYS employee Steve Lindfors, check on Amazon. A unique approach in that Steve covers ancillary devices, electronic device evolution, software languages, and prominent people over half a century. LABenson reviewed and commented on the draft contents in 2013.
  • Interesting technology web site, - click on later Military, then scroll down to see AN/UYK-44 entry.
  • Sadly, the Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group (UBBRG) has announced that they will just be a memory after December 2016. Story in our April newsletter.
  • Videos on Line: The "Computer History Archives Project" - Other people, organizations are also documenting parts of our IT Legacy. Dr. Mark Greenia developed an 1103 history vignette; look for our site reference near the end.  [3/4/16]
  • Transitions: 1) Lockheed Martin is in the process of spinning off their Air Traffic Management engineering operations presently located in Eagan, specifics will be in our newsletters as we learn them. 2) The IT Legacy Committee in conjunction with UNISYS in Roseville formed a task team to find a new location for the History Wall shadow boxes. Contact if you have ideas or would like to participate; next team meeting @10:30 7/13 in the plant 4 old nurses office.
  • THANK YOU! In December the board distributed a 'performance' survey to the 85% of our members for whom we have database email addresses. 65% of those looked at the survey questions and 35% completed the survey. We are reporting survey specifics with a series of newsletter articles, April thru July issues. Thanks again to all who responded.

Contact Lowell to post items in this section.

3. Next Event Summary - June 15 at 3:00 PM


Section 6.5 below has GPS and driving directions or use Google Maps:

 to: 1200 Montreal Ave, St. Paul  MN

4. Article for the Month:

June: Nothing in the works, please send something to Lowell.

May: We have two people items this month; the 2007 oral interview of Marc Shoquist by John Westergren and Rapinac's army experiences to complement his 2007 oral interview.

April: The April web site article is a paper listing the artifacts transferred from Lowell's temporary basement repository to the Lawshe Memorial Museum in July 2015. Each of those listed items illustrates or describes bits and pieces of our extensive Information Technology Legacy.

March: This is a compendium of the 'Legacy' articles which have appeared in our newsletters since 2006 - the Legacy Committee's biography.

February: 70 Years Ago, February 1946 - The Army dedicated the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) at the Moore School of engineering. In recognition of the event we've posted Ron Q. Smith's presentation slides, Unisys and the Growth of Computing. Bill Mauchly is coordinating several ENIAC recognition displays in the Philadelphia area.


Previous 'Article for the Month' items are listed and linked on the Legacy Project, Documents page 15; now 121 items since April, 2007. 

5. Site Update Log*

May 15: Added a Steve Lindfors' 2016 book to section 3 of page 15, documents. Updated section 2 of page 8, Periodic groups. Added a River Cruise registration form as page 95. Updated section 3 above. Archived the January & February 2016 entries from this section. Added three more research web site links to page 80, section 6.1 and then moved section 6.9 to and entry in section 5. Added a new section 6.9 with a site from Dave Shelander.  Updated page 0 with a link to page 95 and an asterisk indication as to which pages have been translated to foreign languages.

May 1: Updated page 68, Systems ASOC with a note in the introduction that the page is now available in the Latvian language.


April 21: Archived the March newsletter as we are distributing the May news to our membership. Updated section 3 above to show details of the Syttende Mai luncheon on May 13. De-activated the Volunteer Survey form, page 91.

April 8: Section 3 above, the buffet lunch will be hot food versus previous cold sandwiches. Posted the May Article for the Month. Revised this pages top right navigation section with buttons. Added section 2.3 to page 38, Oral Interviews and updated section 2.1 thereon. 

April 1: Updated the picnic registration form, page 93. Did some minor editing of the Introduction on this page, i.e. added a highlighted JOIN US line and link.


March 24: Added section 6.9 to page 80. Added a Jacob Philips submittal to section 5 of page 80.

March 20: Added a 'Get Directions' box to section 3 above. Added section 2.2 to page 12. Last year Keith Myhre scanned the repertoire cards we'd been gathering before they were donated to the Charles Babbage Institute. These are all now linked from the applicable computer, software, peripheral, engineering, and IT Legacy pages. 

March 18: Updated section 6.1 of page 19. Added the Google 'Get Directions' to section 3 above.

March 15: Updated section 3 above. Posted the April Article for the month with links from page 15 and section 4 above. Archived the January/February newsletter on page 15.

March 4: Updated section 1 above. Updated Club pages 2 and 5 with 2016 information. Archived the December 2015 newsletter, see section 3 of page 7.

The October 2007 through February 2016 chronology of previous updates is in printer definition format (pdf).

* As of November 2009, changes to the Announcements section of this home page are not listed.

6. Venues, GPS Locations, and Driving Directions:

6.1 Unisys Plant 4 in Roseville: Set your GPS unit to Roseville MN, 2470 Highcrest Road. From Hwy 35W north; exit onto W County Rd C to go west a mile, then turn left onto Walnut St. Then turn right onto Terminal Road for half a block, turn right at Highcrest Rd. to building entrance. From 35W south, exit on Industrial Way / St. Anthony Blvd off ramp, turn left, drive under the freeway, then turn right onto Walnut St. Follow it 0.8 mi north then turn left on Terminal Road. Go ½ block and enter the UNISYS parking lot on the right. From Hwy 36 east, drive west until 36 joins Hwy 35W just past Hwy 280, then exit at the Industrial Way / St. Anthony Blvd. off ramp of 35W. Go north on St. Anthony Blvd. to Walnut St. [the first street on the right]. Turn right onto Walnut Street. From Hwy 280 northbound, use left lane exit just past County Rd B for Terminal road access [St Croix St.] Turn left at Terminal Rd, then 1.5 mi. to Highcrest Rd.

6.2 Unisys MACS in Eagan: Set your GPS unit to Eagan MN, 3199 Pilot Knob Road.  From Hwy 35E take the Pilot Knob Road exit ramp. Then go north on Pilot Knob Road about ½ mile to Tower View Road. We use the Unisys north parking lot and the visitor entrance thereby. 

6.3 Lawshe Museum in South St. Paul:  Set your GPS unit to South Saint Paul, 130 Third Avenue.  From the Roseville area, take Hwy 36 to I-35E south toward downtown St. Paul. Get into the left lane then take the I-94/Hwy 52 left exit to merge onto Hwy 52 going south. 3.4 miles later, take the Butler Ave exit and turn left. Go 0.7 mi and turn right onto MN156 S. After 1.8 mi, turn right onto Grand Ave. W – Drive up the hill a block and turn left; the parking lot is then 400 ft. on the left. From the Eagan area, take I494 toward the Mississippi river then take exit #65 onto 7th Ave. Turn left and drive a mile to South view Blvd, turn right at the light. After 0.3 mi, turn left onto 3rd Ave – the museum parking lot is then 0.2 mi on the right.

6.4 LMCO: Set your GPS unit to Eagan, MN, 1303 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100. From Roseville area, take 35E south through St. Paul then exit to the west onto I-494. Then take exit 71 for Co Rd 31 (Pilot Knob Road) and go south. Turn left onto Corporate Center Drive, then when you see the Lockheed Martin sign, turn left, start up the hill then turn left into the parking log - drive through the parking lot to the west side of the building and turn left into that parking lot section. Enter the building through the west door.  From Minneapolis or Bloomington, get onto 494 going East then take exit 71 onto Pilot Knob Road going south - then follow the Corporate Center Drive instructions above.  

6.5 Highland Park: Set your GPS unit to St Paul, 1200 Montreal Ave. From the Roseville area; take 36 to 35E going south through the city, exit at W 7th (Hwy 5) and turn right. After three blocks angle right onto Montreal Ave and drive uphill ½ mile.  The Pavilion is on the left. From the Eagan area take 35E north toward St. Paul, exit at W 7th (Hwy) 5 and turn left. Proceed to Montreal Ave angling right and drive ½ mile. From St. Paul, find Snelling Avenue, drive south to Montreal Ave then turn left.  Drive ¼ mile to Pavilion on right.

6.6 Casper's Cherokee House in Eagan: Set your GPS to Eagan MN, 4625 Nicols Road,  From I35E, take the Cliff Road exit and go West to Nicols, turn left.  From Cedar Ave, take the Cliff Road exit, go East to Nicols, then turn right.

6.7 Mermaid in New Brighton: Set your GPS unit to Moundsview, MN - 2200 CR 10. From Roseville, Minneapolis, and other southwest points - take I35W north then at exit 28C take ramp right for CR10, cross over the bridge then turn left onto Co. Rd H. From Eagan and southeast points - take I35E north to I694 West, keep in the right lane for Hwy 10, get into the left lane, cross over I35W then turn left onto Co Rd H. 

6.8 Charles Babbage Institute:   Set your GPS address to 222 - 21st Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55455.  The walking location is Room #211 in the Andersen Library second floor. For parking, the closest is lot C86/the Law School lot that has shared contract and visitor parking. A parking alternate site is the city parking next to the Marriott Courtyard hotel, formerly Holiday Inn at seven corners. This is about 1.5 blocks to the west of CBI, 1 block east of the I35W Washington Avenue freeway exit. 

6.9 Joseph's Grill in St. Paul: Set your GPS address to St Paul, MN - 140 Wabasha St S 55107. From the Roseville area take 35E South toward St Paul, get into the left lane and exit onto Hwy 52 going south.  After crossing the Mississippi river, take the ramp right for Lafayette Rd toward Plato Blvd. Turn right onto Plato (west) for 0.2 mi then turn right onto Wabasha (north). After 1/2 mi, Joseph's will be on the right. From the Eagan area take 35E north to I494 east to Hwy 52 going north. Take the ramp right for Lafayette Road then turn left (west) onto Plato Blvd.  After 0.7 mi, turn right (north) onto Wabasha, Joseph's will be on the right after 1/2 mi.

6.10 Lost Spur in Eagan:

Set your GPS to St Paul, 2750 Sibley Memorial Hwy, 55121 or take exit #98 off I-35E onto Lone Oak Road. Go west across Pilot Knob Road and then down the hill to Hwy 13. Turn right and proceed north ~ ½ miles to the Lost Spur (City View) entrance on the right.

7. Disclaimer:

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