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2013 IT Legacy Logo 1. Welcome:

The VIP CLUB was created in 1980 as the Sperry Retirees Club, a non-profit, social and service organization. From 70 initial members, we've grown to over 1,000 retirees, former employees, and retirement eligible employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin (LMCO), and their Twin Cities 'heritage’ companies illustrated in the icon at the left. For a printable VIP Club summary flyer and membership formclick here.

     Unisys currently has facilities in Roseville and Eagan while LMCO has an Air Traffic Management engineering facility on Trapp Road in Eagan.

    This web site is a living document of our continuing IT Legacy. With two levels of web page select tabs, we provide Club information as sub-tabs under this Home page and the Contact Us tab. The other page select tabs are an anthology of our Information Technology (IT) Pioneering.  This IT Legacy consists of People who Engineered Computers and Systems at Locations in the St. Paul Minnesota environs and throughout the world, IT Research in progress.
    Our volunteers are preserving documents of this IT Legacy at the University of Minnesota's Charles Babbage Institute in Minneapolis, MN and with an exhibit of artifacts, hardware, and posters at the Dakota County Historical Society's Lawshe Museum located in South St. Paul, MN.  Many aspects of our IT Legacy were coupled with corporate sister divisions, i.e. the Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Club site is at  http://www.   

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2. Announcements:

  • Welcome back Bill: William Galle is now (4/2) a Board Associate working with Marion Scott coordinating the VIP Club's Christmas dinner/dance.  In the late 90s, Bill had been the Club's Chief newsletter editor then Treasurer for two years each.
  • Be a Historian: Volunteers are collecting history/legacy topics and associated information for future Lawshe Museum exhibits.  For one example and submittal form, click here - need by 15 April!
  • April 16, 9 AM - VIP Club hosted breakfast to recognize members' 2013 volunteer services to community, etc.  See Next Event Summary in the next section.   
  • April 25, 10:00 AM to 2:34 PM - Roseville Good Old Days at the Mermaid in New Brighton. Contact Tom Turba to register your participation and if you are willing - he needs a few volunteers to staff the check-in table.  Email him at
  • May 12, 7 PM - Social time and speaker at the Macs building, visitors' conference room is Eagan.  Adam Block from the 7-county metro area DNR office will speak about invasive species which are threatening our lakes.
  • May 17, 11 AM - Syttende Mai luncheon at Casper's' in Eagan, Chip Laingen is the invited speaker. Contact Dale Torgerson for reservations.
  • June 11, 3:30 PM - Annual reunion and picnic gathering at the Highland Park Pavilion. $5 per person to cover catered food and beer costs; pre-registration requested - see the printable form at the bottom of the Contact Us page.  
  • Volunteer Opportunities: The Legacy Committee needs periodic volunteers for the DCHS Lawshe Museum, contact Bernie Jansen or Harvey Taipale. The needs are to help with photo identifications and to write exhibit storyboards for the various equipments and artifacts in storage.
  • IT Legacy is International: [translations and postings with permission of the VIP Club Board as requested by the translator]
    1. The Home page introduction and the IT Legacy page, Pg 10 have been translated into the German Language, by Dieter Hoffmann. 
    2. Our Systems, Pg 60 translated to the Polish language,
    3. Our Computers, 16-bit page 54 has been translated into the Bulgarian Language, browse
    4. Our IT Legacy, Pg 10 was translated into the Romanian Language, browse
    5. Our Computers, Pg 50 is on the web in the Slovenian Language, browse

Contact Lowell to post items in this section:

3. Next Event Summary

2013 Volunteer Recognition Breakfast; April 16, 9:00 AM - Again this year, the breakfast will be at the Roseville VFW. Representative from UNISYS and from Lockheed Martin will be our guests. Please, if you've indicated that you'll be at the breakfast when returning your survey form and your plans change, let us know as we pay for the 'estimated' attendee plates. 

Future VIP Club hosted programs and events are listed on our calendar page. TOP

4. Article for the Month:

April - The evolution of UNISYS and their primary computer line is sequenced in this slide set from Ron Q. Smith

March - Before ERA originated on Minnehaha Ave. in St. Paul, the buildings were a WWII Glider factory. 

February - Consolidated Training Facility by Ben Monson - As the Sperry/Navy use of Plant 2 faded away in the early 80s, a new tenant phased into parts of the area.

January, 2014 - Herbert Mitchell wrote an Autobiography; George Grey excerpted 4 files of 'EMCC to UNIVAC' info to share with retired UNISYS fellow Ron Q. Smith. Ron sent them to Lowell who culled out Herb's personal info then condensed into two papers; Vol I and Vol II

Previous 'Article for the Month' items are listed and linked on the Legacy Project, Documents page, over 90 items since April, 2007.  TOP

5. Site Update Log*

April 13 - Added Don Ream to the People, Deceased page.

April 10 - Updated the AN/UYK-43 and AN/UYK-7 information on the Computers, 32-bit page. Inserted AN/USQ-69 info as section 3.5 of Computers, Others.  Added the picnic registration form at the bottom of the Contact us page. Added the August program to the Home, Calendar page.

April 2 - Posted the April 'Article for the Month', archived the remaining 2013 updates from section 5 of this page.  Archived the 2014 Jan/Feb newsletter at On the Board page 2, we replaced Warren Becker with Bill Galle as the co-coordinator of the Christmas dinner. 

March 15 - Added a Larry Schmidt story as section 4.13 of the People, P-S page and updated the Next Event Summary on this page. 

February 17 - Updated the next event summary. Archived the December 2013 newsletter.

February 8 - Posted links in the announcement section to the 2013 volunteer hours survey form and to the 'Be a Historian' form. 

January 23 - Updated all web pages with header tweak and 2014 copyright at the bottom. Added the VFW and Highland Park to section 6 below, put in subsection numbers.

January 20 - Upon Jan/Feb newsletter distribution, we've archived the November newsletter. Updated the newsletter page introduction.

January 17 - Posted both the February and March 'Article for the Month'. Updated the Legacy, Milestones page with a few recent events.

October 2007 through December 2013 chronology of previous updates is in printer definition format (pdf).

* As of November, 2009 changes to the Announcements section of this home page are not listed.   TOP

6. Venue Directions:

6.1 Lawshe Museum in South St. Paul:  Set your GPS unit to South Saint Paul, 130 Third Avenue - note map inset at right.  From the Roseville area, take Hwy 36 to I-35E south toward downtown St. Paul. Get into the left lane then take the I-94/Hwy 52 left exit to merge onto Hwy 52 going south. 3.4 miles later, take the Butler Ave exit and turn left. Go 0.7 mi and turn right onto MN156 S. After 1.8 mi, turn right onto Grand Ave. W – Drive up the hill a block and turn left; the parking lot is then 400 ft. on the left. From the Eagan area, take I494 toward the Mississippi river then take exit #65 onto 7th Ave. Turn left and drive a mile to South view Blvd, turn right at the light. After 0.3 mi, turn left onto 3rd Ave – the museum parking lot is then 0.2 mi on the right.

6.2 Unisys MACS in Eagan: Set your GPS unit to Eagan MN, 3199 Pilot Knob Road.  From Hwy 35E take the Pilot Knob Road exit ramp. Then go north on Pilot Knob Road about ½ mile to Tower View Road. We use the Unisys north parking lot and the visitor entrance thereby. 

6.3 Unisys Plant 4 in Roseville: Set your GPS unit to Roseville MN, 2470 Highcrest Road. From Hwy 35W north; exit onto W County Rd C to go west a mile, then turn left onto Walnut St. Then turn right onto Terminal Road for half a block, turn right at Highcrest Rd. to building entrance.  From 35W south, exit on Industrial Way / St. Anthony Blvd off ramp, turn left, drive under the freeway, then turn right onto Walnut St. Follow it 0.8 mi north then turn left on Terminal Road. Go ½ block and enter the UNISYS parking lot on the right. From Hwy 36 east, drive west until 36 joins Hwy 35W just past Hwy 280, then exit at the Industrial Way / St. Anthony Blvd. off ramp of 35W. Go north on St. Anthony Blvd. to Walnut St. [the first street on the right]. Turn right onto Walnut Street. From Hwy 280 northbound, use left lane exit just past County Rd B for Terminal road access [St Croix St.] Turn left at Terminal Rd, then 1.5 mi. to Highcrest Rd.

6.4 Roseville VFW: Set your GPS unit to Roseville, MN, 1145 Woodhill Drive.  From the Eagan area take 35E through St. Paul to go west on Hwy 36.  Exit to Lexington Avenue then right about a mile to Woodhill – turn left, drive about 100 yards and enter the VFW parking lot on the right.  From the Minneapolis area, take 35W to Hwy 36, then exit onto Lexington Ave - turn left, then drive about a mile to Woodhill – turn left, go 100 yards and enter the VFW parking lot on the right.

6.5 Highland Park: Set your GPS unit to St Paul, 1200 Montreal Ave. From the Roseville area; take 36 to 35E going south through the city, exit at W 7th (Hwy 5) and turn right. After three blocks angle right onto Montreal Ave and drive uphill ½ mile.  The Pavilion is on the left. From the Eagan area take 35E north toward St. Paul, exit at W 7th (Hwy) 5 and turn left. Proceed to Montreal Ave angling right and drive ½ mile. From St. Paul, find Snelling Avenue, drive south to Montreal Ave then turn left.  Drive ¼ mile to Pavilion on right.

6.6 Ft. Snelling Officers' Club: Set your GPS unit to St Paul MN, 5512 Post Road,  The Club is located on a service road off of Minnesota Highway 5, at the east side of the MSP airport.  Take the Hwy 5 Post Road Exit at the southeast corner of the airport, go east then follow the signs to the Officers’ Club.  There is ramp access to the building and handicapped parking on the upper level.

6.7 Casper's Cherokee House in Eagan: Set your GPS to Eagan MN, 4625 Nicols Road,  From I35E, take the Cliff Road exit and go West to Nicols, turn left.  From Cedar Ave, take the Cliff Road exit, go East to Nicols, then turn right.

6.8 Mermaid in New Brighton: Set your GPS unit to Moundsview, MN - 2200 CR 10. From Roseville, Minneapolis, and other southwest points - take I35W north then at exit 28C take ramp right for CR10, cross over the bridge then turn left onto Co. Rd H. From Eagan and southeast points - take I35E north to I694 West, keep in the right lane for Hwy 10, get into the left lane, cross over I35W then turn left onto Co Rd H.  


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