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Planning Ahead!

See Social Activities for event information.

  • January 7, 1:00 PM: Holidays' celebration dinner & concert at the Lost Spur in Eagan. Dine, then listen to the Eagan Men's Chorus.
  • April 11, 11 AM: Volunteerism Recognition Luncheon at Joseph's in St. Paul.
  • May 4th 10:30 AM: Roseville Good Old Days @ Mermaid in Moundsview.
  • May 18th, 11 AM: Syttende Mai Luncheon @ Casper's in Eagan.

Board Meetings:

  •  Feb. 7, 10 AM
     @ UNISYS Eagan
  • Apr. 4, 10 AM  @ UNISYS Eagan
  • June 6, 10 AM  @ Unisys Eagan
  • Aug. 1, 10 AM @ Unisys Eagan
  • Oct. 3, 10 AM @ Unisys Eagan
  • Dec. tbd

Welcome to the VIP Club

Club members are retirees, former employees, spouses, and retirement eligible employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin (LMCO), and their Twin Cities legacy companies. Join us, as of December 1st we have 883 active memberships. This is a living web site*, updated fortnightly with new Club info and Legacy Anthology contributions.

  • Membership Renewal Time: Members' recent newsletter (Jan/Feb 2018 issue) distribution included membership expiration year in the address label or in the email subject line. If your's was 2017, please renew before January 15th to assure newsletter continuation in 2018. [12/12/17]
  • Old Timers' Recap: 155 of us gatherd at the Lost Spur on December's 1st Thursday to celebrate life and friendships. 58 sack lunches were consumed, 10% of the participants were ladies.  C U Next Yr on Dec. 6th? [12/12/17]
  • September 13th  @ 9 AM:  The UNISYS Retiree Breakfast Group will have their quarterly meeting at the New Brighton Eagles Club on Old Highway 8. This is the 306th 'regular' gathering coordinated by Marv Brown; he needs a head count for the kitchen by Sunday evening December 10th. Send a note to with your plan to attend or an announcement for this Roseville Engineering/Manufacturing/Operations group.  [12/8/17]
  • Have you read the October 2017 Over The Years  quarterly published by the Dakota County Historical Society?  It has an excellent article, Silicon Prairie: Engineering Research Associates, UNIVAC & the Beginning of Minnesota's Computer Industry written by former DCHS employee, Andrew Fox. [12/7/2017]
  • 2018 Elections: Volunteering to lead the VIP Club next year are: Harvey Taipale, President; Steve Koltes, Vice President; Paul Hove, Treasurer; Boni Westberg, Secretary; Directors Joe Schwarz, Lowell Benson, Gish Devlaminck, & Jim Andrews; and Keith Behnke, Immediate Past President.  Greet, meet, and thank them at our January 7th event. They are supported by several Board Associates, spouses, and a few Members Emerit. [11/18/2017]
  • Hello: My name is Dominique Carlier, I live in Belgium. I contact you because I'm trying desperately to repair for three months now an old fellow: my UTS 40 Sperry Univac, If you (the reader) have any technical documents about the UTS 40, send a note to LABenson for book/information transfer specifics. [11/11/2017]
  • Have U Read: Almost Silicion Valley by Tom Webb - - posted on the Ceridian [CDC] retirees web site, Submitted by DCHS Trustee Dale Weeks. [10/16/17]
  • Vintage Computer Federation had a very successful UNIVAC workshop in that they were able go get their restored 1219B computer to operate for short periods of time. Click for Photos. We are able to load UPAK and diagnostic programs. We loaded and executed the memory test program but did not get a full 10 passes to get a good printout. After about 5 to 8 passes we get a program fault. We think due to overheating. We also were able to load and run “Hunt the Wumpus” game program. Submitted by systems' user Duane Craps [10/12/2017]
  • Mark Greenia, Author of "History of Computing", has established a Computer History Archives Project video library YouTube channel containing over 40 videos on vintage computers, including ENIAC, UNIVAC System/80, UNIVAC 1050-II, UNIVAC 1103A and many others. Submitted by Dr. Greenia. [10/1/17]
  • Blue Cube: Were you one of the engineers or programmers who worked at the Sunnnyvale Blue Cube? Take a look at, they are looking for stories, etc. about their space tracking history (some classified in the 70s & 80s.) Submitted by Joe Paige II, ret. AF officer. [9/19/2017]
  • UBBRG last Newsletter: The Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group final newsletter is linked from our newsletter page. [12/20/2016]

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Help our Historians

  • Refer to the General Manager's table at - The webmaster would like to know what year the commercial operations of UNIVAC started reporting to Blue Bell versus to the listed Twin Cities general manager. Who led the Plant 4 operations when it opened in 1961? [5/1/17]
  • The volunteers working Tuesday mornings at the Lawshe Memorial Museum still need help - once a week or once per fortnight or once a month or your choice based on your 'volunteerism' time. Just drop in on any Tuesday morning [9 to 11:30] and chat with the crew on the second floor for an explanation of what they are doing and how you could help. [5/17/2017]
  • If you see an error or find a link that doesn't work within our Legacy Anthology chapters - please notify the [10/21/17]


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