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Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their predecessor companies

Planning Ahead!

  • August 17, 12:00 noon: River Cruise in Mpls.
  • Sept 13, 1:30 PM: Open House at UNISYS in Eagan.
  • Nov 17, 11 AM: Unihogs/ Uniturkeys at Casper's in Eagan
  • Dec 7, 11 AM: Annual UNIVAC Old Timers' Reunion at the Lost Spur in Eagan

See Social Activities at the left for more information, registration dates, for these events.

Board Meetings:

  • August 2, 10 AM at a Roseville tbd place.
  • October 4, 10 AM at UNISYS in Eagan
  • December 6, 10 AM at tbd.


Welcome to the VIP Club

Members are retirees, former employees, spouses, and retirement eligible employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin (LMCO), and their Twin Cities legacy companies. Join us?


  • August Program Change: We have changed the date and time of the Mississippi river cruise to noon on August 17th, check-in at 11:30 AM - Cruising.html. [6/20/2017]
  • Quality Control: The format conversion to 'what you see now' is complete for all pages and chapters. I have not 'tested' every button nor blue highlighted link on each page and chapter. Please, if a button/tab/link doesn't work for you, send me a note - Thanks, LABenson! [5/19/2017]
  • Linguistic Skillls! Our Air Sovereignty Operation Centers chapter has been translated into the Romanian language - [5/8/17]
  • From Dale Weeks: A brief update to inform you of the progress on our Minnesota Computer History Initiative over the last 6 months. [4/14/17]
  • Now available for reading or downloading, the February and the March articles for the month, [4/7/2017]
  • From Tricia Myhre: A TV story on the news this past week was about the last four P-3s which left Hawaii on Thursday for Whidbey Island: UNIVAC/Sperry/UNISYS/LMCO personnel worked on P-3 associated projects/programs from 1965 through 2012! [3/5/2017]
  • Hans Neukom is currently researching the ATECO (Automation of Telegram Exchange with COmputers) project of the Swiss PTT in the early 1970s. The ATECO contract was given to the Swiss subsidiary of UNIVAC; the ATECO configuration used three UNIVAC 418-II computers working in parallel to achieve a very high reliability. If you have any experience with this system of 418s or with the '418 sister' computers UNIVAC type 1218/1219, please email us a note. [3/5/2017]
  • Former Air Force space and missile officer Joseph T. Page II seeks assistance documenting the un-classified aspects of the Air Force Satellite Control Facility in Sunnyvale CA ["Blue Cube", "The Stick", Sunnyvale AFS.]  If you are willing to add your experiences, email us for a copy of the outline.  His 2016 book at included some of the UNIVAC/Sperry experiences at Johnston Island.  [3/5/2017]
  • UBBRG last Newsletter: The Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group final newsletter is linked from our newsletter page. [12/20/2016]

*Contact webmaster to post items in this section; next update planned for 7/17 as I'll be at the cabin sans WiFi [item posting date in brackets.]

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Help our Historians

  • Refer to the General Manager's table at - The webmaster would like to know what year the commercial operations of UNIVAC started reporting to Blue Bell versus to the listed Twin Cities general manager. Who led the Plant 4 operations when it opened in 1961? [5/1/17]
  • The volunteers working Tuesday mornings at the Lawshe Memorial Museum still need help - once a week or once per fortnight or once a month or your choice based on your 'donation' time.  Just drop in on any Tuesday morning [9 to 11:30] and chat with the crew on the second floor for an explanation of what they are doing and how you could help. [5/17/2017]


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