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Information Technology Pioneers

Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their predecessor companies

Click Social Activities for near term event details:

  • September 13, 6:30 PM: Legacy display etc. at the  Lawshe Memorial Museum.
  • October 10, 11:00 AM: Fall Colors cruise on the St. Croix w/lunch.
  • November 14, 11:05 AM: Unihogs/ Unitrukey's reunion at Casper's in Eagan
  • December 6, 11:00 AM: Univac Old Timers' Annual Reunion at the Lost Spur in Eagan.

Board Meetings:

  • Oct. 3, 10 AM @ Unisys Eagan
  • Dec. 5, 10 AM @ Unisys, Eagan

Welcome to the VIP Club

Friendships that started during working days continue as we've retired or transitioned to other personal life foci.   Join us, as of June 8th '18 we have 767 active memberships - 82% in Minnesota. We are proud of our heritage companies, our technology innovations, and our teamwork accomplishments while working - an intriguing legacy.  This is a living web site*, updated fortnightly with new Club and Legacy Anthology items.

  • A new Twin Cities computer history web site is now on-line,  Thanks to Elizabeth Semmler - researcher and doctoral student at the U of MN. [8/18/18]
  • Email Marvin Brown, 763 416-3903 by Sept. 8th if you plan to attend the 9/12 quarterly Roseville retirees breakfast at the New Brighton Eagles club, 9 AM. [8/18/18]
  • October Outing: Bring your camera to capture the fall colors from the St. Crloix River at a discounted fee, cruise lunch included on October 10th at 11 AM. [8/5/18] 
  • Venue change: Reference, the second Saturday group will now be meeting at at 11:00 AM, Baker's Square, 1881 West Highway 36, Roseville. A change from the previous White Bear site. C U there on 8 September? [7/25]
  • Cancelled:  The August 8th excursion to the Fagen Museum was cancelled because we didn't reach sufficient registrations to cover 1/2 half the bus cost.  Money will be returned to those who had sent registration checks to the Club. [7/24/18]
  • An educational overview of UNIVAC 1 basic components. Intro segment includes higher quality images than are contained in the original film. Original 1953 film begins at index 5:52, followed by brief photo gallery - created by the Computer HNistory Archives Project led by Mark Greenia. [7/3/18]
  •  Posted a 1974 Sperry Open House informational booklet as the July article.  Browse to Our Stories, 2018 for recent Legacy Anthology stories. [5/16/18]
  • Thanks Dave: Here is a link to Dave Wilhelm's May 4th snapshot album, 2018 edition of Roseville Good Old Days.  Some prior year albums are linked from the Social page.  [5/9/18] 
  • Burroughs before UNISYS: The Computer History Archives Project has combined a history videos and associated information slides. Sit back and enjoy! [5/9/18]
  • Volunteer Extraordinaire: At the April 11 volunteers recognition luncheon, the Club awarded the fourth Volunteer Extraordinaire certificate to Allan Douglass recognizing his 1,000+ hours of annual service to Boy Scouts' camping and his church's organizations. The Board also voted the fifth certificate to Tom Turba, presented to his family on 4/15 at his Celebration of Live. [4/16/18]
  • UBBRG last Newsletter: The Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group final newsletter is linked from our newsletter page. [12/20/2016]

*Contact webmaster to post items here [item post date in brackets] or to contribute an article or to report a broken link or to correct factual errors in any Legacy story. Thanks, LABenson

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