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Information Technology (IT) Pioneers

Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their heritage companies

Club's Calendar:

Social Activities tab at left has details. 

  1. January 5th: Holiday party
  2. April 8th: Volunteerism Recognition Lunch
  3. May 1st: Roseville Good Old Days
  4. May 15th: Syttende Mai
  5. June 10th: Annual Picnic
  6. September 15: 40th Anniversary Party

Board Meetings:

  • February 5th, 10 AM: Unisys

If you as a Club member want to sit in, notify the President the day before.

Welcome to the VIP Club

VIP Club members' personal friendships started during our heritage company working days then continued as we've transitioned into retirement or other work.  *Join us!  As of December '19 we have 746 active memberships - 83% in Minnesota and 17% in 41 other states plus one each in Canada and Greece. 
We are proud of our heritage companies, our technology innovations, and our teamwork accomplishments while on the job - an intriguing and continuing legacy.  This is a living web site**, updated fortnightly with new Club information and Legacy Anthology articles.

  • Urgency: The Club has an immediate need for a WORD savvy Chief Editor to produce our 2020 newsletters - contact President Harvey Tailpale by December 3rd to discuss a possible stipend. [11/11/19]
  • *** NOTICE - Evite emails are not SPAM!!! ***  Most future VIP Club event announcements/registrations will use the Evite email system.  This provides many benefits to the board , event organizers, and attendees.  Please do not trash the Evite emails, respond to them.  Yes, Maybe, or No are acceptable responses; the most recent Evite was for the December 5th Old Timers' event.  If you didn't get the invite or inadvertantly trashed it, see Social Activities for event coordinator contacting. [11/6/19]
  • Holiday Party: Reservations for Jan 5th are due by December 24th, mail-in form. [12/13/19]
  • Just Posted: The 180th career summary is now linked from  We need 20 more to reach the goal set in January 2006.  All submittals since then are listed/linked at  Added section 6.6 to the Legacy chapter 39, and expanded section 3.1 of chapter 58, .   [12/13/19]
  • Next Newsletter: Our January/February newspetter is in the print shop.  Watch for it in your mailbox, electronic distribution emails were sent.  The Mar/Apr issue inputs are due to by February 5th. [12/13/19]
  • Membership Renewals: If your January/February newsletter had 2019 printed after your address label or if your electronic newsletter emessage had 2019 in the subject line, your membership is about to expire.  Clip the form from the newsletter's page seven or download and print, [12/13/19]

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**Contact webmaster to post items here [item post date in brackets] or to contribute an article or to report broken links or to correct factual errors.  If you have an address, phone, or email change, please send it to  If you have a newsletter article or an obit to share with our membership, send it to

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