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Information Technology (IT) Pioneers

Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their heritage companies

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*60 topical chapters.

Calendar Items:

See Social Activities for details:

  • November 6th, 11 AM: Unihogs & Technologists
  • December 5th, 11 AM: Annual UNIVAC Old Timers' Reunion

Board Meetings:

10 AM @ UNISYS Eagan - in the visitors' conference room.

  • December 4 in Roseville.
  • 2020 are tbd.

Club members are invited. Notify the President the week before if you have an issue to raise.

Welcome to the VIP Club

This is a living web site*, updated fortnightly with new Club information and Legacy Anthology articles.
 **Join us!  As of August '19 we have 739 active memberships - 83% in Minnesota and 17% in 41 other states plus one in Canada.  Club members' personal friendships started during working days then continued as we've transitioned into retirement or other occupations. 
We are proud of our heritage companies, our technology innovations, and our teamwork accomplishments while working - an intriguing and continuing legacy. 

  • Documentary live streaming link: The following VIP Club members appear in this "Solid State: Minnesota's High-Tech History" video:  Millie Gignac, Don Weidenbach, Bernie Jansen, Harvey Taipale, Keith & Patricia Myhre, Dick Erdrich, Mike Svenson, and Lowell Benson.  We've collected the 'out-take' clips into a paper, also posted as #260 of our stories.  [10/13/19]
  • Winter history viewing: A collection of Computer History Archives Project video links, and others. Twenty one YouTube videos with parts of our IT our Legacy. [10/13/19]
  • Nominations are open: 2020 board elections will be on November 6th, please read then send your name or a friend's name to Past President, Keith Behnke. Next year will be exciting as we plan and recognize the 40th anniversary of the Club. [9/8/19]
  • Membership Renewals: If your September/October newsletter had 2019 printed after your address label or if your electronic newsletter emessage had 2019 in the subject line, Your membership is about to expire.  Clip the form from the newsletter or download it,
  • Happy Hour: Evite success! On 13 August past president Keith Behnke sent out an electronic invitation with an 18 August RSVP so that the room size could be selected. The room liimit is 85 people. This helped our planning thus the board may be using evite for other future event notifications. Keith received 60 positive responses, 18 maybes and over 100 "can't make it".   [8/23/19]
  • HELP REQUESTED - Nick England notified us that "I am trying to help the battleship USS Iowa radio gang find info on the Sperry Univac AN/USQ-69 Data Terminal (Sperry S-2049 I think).  They would like to hook it up for communication demos.  If anyone has a manual or experience that would help, please contact me and I will get the info to the USS Iowa.  Many Thanks! "
    Nick England [8/14/19]
  • UBBRG last Newsletter: The Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group final newsletter is linked from our newsletter page. [12/20/201610

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