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1. Mementos Introduction

    Over our years of service, we all gathered a few mementos of our time working on projects. The Legacy committee is just photographing mementos, not retaining them as we are the PC cards and models shown on the Artifacts page.

     The souvenir cups shown at the right are memento examples from Lowell Benson. From left to right these represent:

  • The UNISYS Virtual Group which was installing banking software during the 80's. My wife brought this home from her bank workplace. Under it is a cup representing the UNISYS B-2 Avionics Control Computers.
  • Two copies of the CP-901 S/N 300 delivery recognition, one with my name L.A. Benson. The other side has a blue circle representation of the skies with the words Sperry UNIVAC ORION P-3C
  • A Sperry bull elephant mug, representing 'the ultimate ruggedized mass memory' - commemorating our bubble memory deliveries to NADC and to the Coast Guard.
  • A black Sperry mug in recognition of our winning the second source procurement for the Navy's AN/AYK-14 Standard Airborne Computer
  • In recognition of the delivery of the 1,000th AN/UYK-7 computer in October 1983.

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  1.  Introduction

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  • The UNISYS - WASP (Weasel Attack Signal Processor, F4-G Wild Weasel) issued in appreciation for Support of Operation Desert Storm.
  • The Aurora CP-140 system delivered aboard a Lockheed P-3 to the Canadian government.
  • A PARAMAX mug from 1991, with the motto: People, Partnership, Performance

2. Service Awards

Tie clips, brooches, tie-tacs, rings, clocks, and many other items were chosen by employees in recognition of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ... years of service to the company. Univac used a magnetic tape circle, Sperry had the 'Sperry Star'.


From Dennis English: The 10 year award information is probably correct [three rubies.] The 15 year award had 3 emeralds, the 20 year award had 3 sapphires and the 25 year award had a diamond centered between 2 sapphires.   My 10 year award was a magnetic tape reel with a single ruby.


From Ginger Carter: My service awards were 5 years, plain; 10 years, three rubies; 15 years, three emeralds; 20 years, a ring with a sapphire; 25 years, a wall clock; and 30 years, a mantel clock - both clocks still ticking. 








3. Plaques -

Many awards were given to individuals in recognition of special performance achievements.  A couple are shown here: at the left is the 1972 Tiger Award given to Lyle Franklin in recognition of his efforts in winning the AN/UYK-20 computer development. At the right is a recognition award to Lowell Benson as he led the technical proposal team in winning the WSIP (Weapon System Improvement Program.)  WISP added Harpoon Missile launch capability to the Lockheed S-3 airplane.  This was accomplished by the insertion of tailored I/O modules into spare slots of the I/O controllers of the AN/AYK-10 (Type 1832) dual processor computer. This was part of the S-3A to S-3B update.  











4. Trinkets -

An example of a trinket is the blue UNIVAC letter set contributed by Ron Q. Smith. 









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