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1.0 Introduction, Who is it?

As we have been collecting artifacts, we've also gathered about 10 thousand photographs. The purpose of this page is to present photos with people in the hopes that our reader can provide identifications.

If you recognize one or more of the people in any given photo, please sent the photo description and names to Thanks for your help.


Also, if you feel adept at identifying computer modules, please Volunteer! The Legacy Committee needs help to catalogue photos and negatives prior to sending them to the Charles Babbage Institute, contact Harvey Taipale. [1/15/12]

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  3. Partially Identified large group
  4. Fully Identified Small Groups
  5. Fully Identified Large Groups

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2. Partially Identified Small Group? ==> 

This electronics laboratory photo on the right appeared in Dr. Arthur Norberg's book. We would like any reader feedback about when, where, and who are in the photo.


Please send your comments to, Thanks.


Dick Erdrich suggested that this was a laboratory next to a Plant 2 screen room in the late 50's when he joined the company.


3. Partially Identified large groups

3.1 Photo on left:

VIP Club program at which Dr. Tom Misa spoke: left to right and front to back are: ?, and Richard Werner. Manny Block, Art Johnson , and Dick Lundgren, Roger Gillette, ?, Warren Becker, Dorothy Becker, ?, ?, and Don Andersen, Larry Debelak, Bob Gruschow, ?, Ed Nelson, Al Edwins, and ?, 'Ole' Olson, ?, Ruth Sanford, and Don Naaktgeboren. Standing in back are Harvey Taipale, Hank Dotzler, Dale Phelps, Larry Bolton, Quint Heckert, and Jim Swezey.

3.2 Photo on right:

left to right and front to back:  Eunice Nelson, Curt Nelson, ?, Quint Heckert (standing). Mr. & Mrs. Al Trapp, Ruth Bolton, Bernie Jansen (standing), Warren Becker, Ed Nelson, Roger Gillette, ?, Dick 'Ole' Olson, Don Naaktgeboren, Ruth Sanford. Standing in back are Dale Phelps, Hank Dotzler, Larry Bolton, and Jim Swezey.


These two photos were taken on September 9, 2010 at the VIP Club program which featured Dr. Tom Misa.

3.3 Photo on left:

Celebrating ERA's 40th anniversary at Plant 2

From right to left are: Rolland Anderson, ?, Lou Cramer, Laverle Cocchiarella [identified by Don Weidenbach], Shirley Wood [identified by Laverle], Gen Sederstrom [identified by Jim Wazlawik], ?, ?, ?, behind the camera person appears to be Bill Geiger because of his necktie seen in 3.s below.

Walter Strey has identified the 5th person as Dorothy McInerny. So, is she Shirley or Dorothy?

3.4 Photo Below:

1958 Softball League Banquet

At the left top is the 1957 League President, Ordean Joachim sitting next to Leo Oxman. The fourth person at the head table is Rich Hawley. If you'd like to have a higher pixel count copy of this picture, send a note to The webmaster thinks that he recognizes Jerry Nickel at one of the tables.


4. Fully Identified Small Groups

4.1 Photo Right:

From a 1970s winter fishing trip: Al Keding, Wally Milacs, and Bob Oulicky. Others on this fishing, drinking, and bridge playing weekend were Bob Beljeski, Dick Erdrich, Lowell Benson, Don Shore, and ??

4.2 Photo Left:

From a 1970's cost award luncheon. This photo shows Don Mager [left] making a cost savings presentation to Lowell Benson [center]. At the right is the engineering department administrator, Otis 'Odie' Elling [identified by Stan Lins.] In the background are Duane 'Swede' Berg, Dave Zemke, Dale Feine, and Gary Hokenson. [Identification help from Harvey Taipale and Dave Z.]


4.3 photo right:

This photo is from the 2008 VIP Club picnic at Highland Park. [Thanks to Bob Langer for identifying the group]. On the left side of the table are Joe Juneau and Betty Schlueter. On the right side - right to left are Kathy Juneau, Bonnie Durand, and Denny Durand.

4.4 Photo left -

Photo, Left to Right are: Mack McCain, VP-Federal Systems Marketing, Vern Leas, VP-Defense Systems Marketing, Forrest Crowe, VP-GM Univac Federal Systems

Circa 1967-1969, Univac St. Paul included both the Defense Systems Division and Federal Systems Marketing, responsible for the sale of commercial computers to the Federal Government. Federal Systems Marketing was headed by three different VP's, Lee Johnson, who was fired, Mack McCain, who resigned, and Dick Frary, who also resigned. Vern Leas, VP of Defense Systems Marketing, reported to at one time or another to the three people named above. After Frary left, Federal Systems Marketing name was changed to Federal Systems Federal Operations, with headquarters in Washington, DC, and reported to Americas Domestic Division (ADD) in Bluebell, PA.

This short era was a chaotic, intriguing politically charged time in Saint Paul. In 1968 Vern Leas moved to Bluebell to head the Univac Computer Services Division. Forrest Crowe named Dewaine Osman as Leas' replacement before he also moved to Bluebell and was replaced by Dick Gehring.

During this time period, Bob McDonald was the President of Univac and Gerald Probst was the VP of Engineering.

Ciao for Now! Rapp

4.5 Photo right:

These three former 'Legacy' employees all have a couple of things in common.

  • What is the first initial of their last names? W for Gerry Williams, Jim Wright, Don Weidenbach.
  • Which military conflict did they serve in? WWII
  • Which Legacy Company did they start at? ERA
  • Where do they have lunch the first Friday of the month? With the First Friday group, 'The Original Geek Squad'.

5. Fully Identified Large Groups

None at this time

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