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Retirees and former employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin, and their predecessor companies

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Page updated 1/16/2016.

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Planning Ahead!

  • Feb 1, 10 AM: Board Meeting at UNISYS in Eagan
  • Feb 22, noon: Stadium Tour in Minneapolis
  • Apr 5, 10 AM: Board Meeting at UNISYS in Roseville
  • Apr 19, 11 AM: Volunteer Luncheon at Joseph's in St. Paul
  • May 12, 11 AM: Roseville Good Old Days at the Mermaid in Moundsview
  • May 19, 11 AM: Syttende Mai at Casper's in Eagan
  • June 7, 10 AM: Board Meeting at UNISYS in Eagan
  • June 14, 3:30 PM: Picnic at Highland Park in St. Paul
  • Sept 13, 2 PM: Open House at UNISYS in Eagan.
  • Nov 17, 11 AM: Unihogs/ Uniturkeys at Casper's in Eagan
  • Dec 6, 11 AM: Annual UNIVAC Old Timers' Reunion at the Lost Spur in Eagan

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Welcome to the VIP Club

The VIP CLUB was created as the Sperry Retirees Club, a non-profit, social and service organization. Members are retirees, former employees, spouses, and retirement eligible employees of Unisys, Lockheed Martin (LMCO), and their Twin Cities predecessor companies.


  • US Bank Stadium Tour: Join us for the first Club event of 2017 as we tour the $1B home of the Minnesota Vikings. The Social Activities tab at the left has a tab/link to your discounted tour cost, registration form, and other details. [12/15/2016]
  • Mobility International is seeking volunteers according to Rich Daly, a former ERA employee. Point your browser to --- BTW, Jim Conn who runs the local affiliate used to work at UNISYS/LMCO. [12/26/16]
  • UBBRG last Newsletter: Workman SignThe Unisys Blue Bell Retirees' Group final newsletter is now linked from our newsletter page. [12/20/2016]
  • Site Redesign: Please be patient as we reconstruct this entire site for ease of reading with smart phones, etc. Note that the new Cascading Style Sheet controls the font sizes on all pages; for example, if some text is in blue like the newsletter page just above, that is a link to another page, pdf document, or an email address. Many pages will have prior format until conversions are completed.  The GOAL is to convert all Club Pages by 1 February then set up a plan for the Legacy pages. [12/19/2016]
  • Arizona Directory: Some of you who live in Arizona or winter there would like to know who the other Arizona snowbirds are to arrange golf outings, coffee gatherings or other social events. To address this need the VIP club will create an Arizona VIP directory. It would include the names and contact information of those of you that winter in Arizona and live there permanently. If you would like to be included the Arizona VIP directory, send an email entitled VIP Arizona to "", or text 651-470-8905 or call 651-470-8905. The directory shall be distributed only to those who asked to be listed in directory. [12/12/2016]
  • New Book: Space Launch Complex 10: Vandenberg’s Cold War National Landmark, by Joseph T. Page II.  Former air force space and missile officer Joseph T. Page II introduces these amazing stories of dedicated men and women who led the American military effort to explore space.  It includes some work done by employees of our heritage companies at Vandenberg AFB and Johnston Island. Check it out at [12/10/2016]
  • Welcome to new Board Officers for 2017: Ben Manning as Secretary and Paul Hove as Treasurer. Keith Behnke continues as president for a second term. Thanks to Harvey Taipale for 8-years as Treasurer - he volunteered to be Vice President and to accede to president in the future. Thanks to Dale Phelps for 8-yrs of programs coordination. Thanks to Frank King for 4-yrs volunteering as Secretary - he plans to continue helping Bernie Jansen with the annual volunteer recognition luncheon. Orrin McGill transistions from VP to Director. [11/20/16]
  • Membership Renewal Time: Membership 'paid through' year is on your US mail newsletter address line or in the subject line of the electronic distribution messages - use the newsletter form or see the on line page. [10/1/2016]

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