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Page updated 2/8/2016.

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Where the Minnesota Vikings Play

Our First 2017 Event, US Bank Stadium Tour on February 22nd:

Reservations are complete and pre-paid! If you have to cancel, contact Harvey Taipale at 612 777 8776 so that the other 60+ registrants aren't waiting for you. [2/8/2017]

Want to see what a billion dollars looks like? The VIP Club has arranged for a private group tour of US Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Our tour is scheduled for 12:00 on February 22, 2017. Cost is $10 per person for VIP Club members; non-member guests can tag along for $14 per person. We are required to commit to and pay for a final number in advance, so your reservation and payment need to be received by February 6th.  651-748-5083

The tour will start from the Lower Pentair Gate on the south side of the stadium. The tour office recommends arriving 5 minutes early. We will be split into groups of about 20. The entire tour will last about 90 minutes and will include stadium areas such as the Vikings Locker Room, Legacy Ship, Stadium Art Collection, premium clubs and suites, field area, interview rooms, and the Thomson Reuters Press Level. This is a walking tour, covering almost a mile, so wear comfortable shoes. The tour is mobility-impaired accessible, but if anyone needs a wheelchair; arrangements can be made via the tour office (612 777 8776,) or by indicating so on your reservation form. The US Bank Stadium has quite a list of prohibited items. If you have questions, check on their prohibited items listing at:

  • There is no designated parking area at the stadium for tour groups, but there are several lots nearby. Both the Green Line and Blue Line light rail trains stop at the Stadium station on the west side of the stadium and the skyway system connects from there to the stadium.
  • Make/Take your own 'mini-group', i.e. plan to meet a few friends for a late breakfast near a light-rail stop and then commute to the stadium, OR meet with friends in the UNISYS, Roseville parking lot to car-pool, OR plan to have lunch downtown after the tour with friends, OR meet at the MOA then ride the rail to the stadium! Their address is: 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415 if you use Google Maps or GPS.
  • Tours go "snow or shine." The stadium's emergency weather policy is still TBD, so if anything happens at the last minute, we'll make an urgency call to your cell phone # that you've provided on the registration form.
  • Learn a bit about this dome -

The people who have been on the stadium tour all indicate that it's an impressive place and a very enjoyable tour. So, make your reservations now to join us at 5 minutes before Noon on Wednesday, February 22. Coordinator is Harvey Taipale, VIP Club VP.
(photo credit - scanned from a ‘junk mail’ advertisement.)

Reservation Form 

Print this page (or just sheet 2), then fill out the form. Please mail with your check to VIP Club – Stadium tour, P. O. Box 131748, Roseville, MN 55113-0020 - the earlier, the better.

VIP Club US Bank Stadium Tour - February 22, 2017, 12:00

Reserve tour spots for the following people: My cell phone is _____________  in case the stadium cancels us due to weather!

__________________________________________ Member $10 Guest $14

__________________________________________ Member $10 Guest $14

__________________________________________ Member $10 Guest $14

__________________________________________ Member $10 Guest $14

Payment enclosed $________________. □ Please arrange a wheelchair.

Mail to: VIP Club – Stadium tour, P.O. Box 131748 Roseville, MN 55113-0020 before February 3.