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 Retirees and former employees of UNISYS, Lockheed Martin, and their Twin Cities heritage companies.
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Club Hosts

Although the VIP CLUB was originated at Sperry in 1980, it continued when the Burroughs' buyout formed UNISYS in 1986. A 1995 UNISYS corporate sale to Loral split off the defense part of our company that had been a part of the Twin Cities operations. Loral in turn sold those operations to Lockheed Martin in 1996. Because of our heritage, local LMCO management asked to join with UNISYS in Roseville as a club sponsor in 2000, thus bringing us back together. The Constitution and Bylaws were updated that year to reflect this joint sponsorship.

  • The Board usually meets in the Medical conference room at UNISYS, Roseville the first Wednesday of even numbered months.
  • The Board usually meets in the North Lobby Visitors' conference room at UNISYS, Eagan the first Wednesday of odd numbered months.

Some current information about previous sponsors, including their location maps is just below. In November 2010, LMCO announced that they would be closing their Eagan facility by 2013. We have already transitioned some our program meetings from the LMCO sponsored Eagan Community Center to the UNISYS, Eagan facility. Only the Air Traffic Management department of LMCO remains in Eagan. We have occasional evening program meetings there.

Page 6 updated 9/8/2016.

2470 Highcrest Road - Roseville, MN 55113

Our Unisys Liaison is Sue Carrigan 651 635-7712. 

Programs are held in the auditorium just behind the Guard Desk or in the adjacent cafeteria, sign in with the guards.


Programs are also held in the UNISYS, Eagan (MACS building) - at 3199 Pilot Knob Road. Park near the North side visitor's entrance.

Lockheed Martin IS & GS - Civil

1303 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100  Eagan, MN 55121

Our LMCO Liaison is James Sexton


Programs are occasionally held at this facility.


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