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 Legacy Project Committee Introduction
Co-Chairs  John Westergren, VIP Club Associate               -       Lowell Benson, VIP Club 2016 Immediate Past President

  The committee will meet on December 13, 9:30 AM in the visitors' conference, north side of the UNISYS, Eagan building.    

We formed the initial committee in October 2005, then met with the Charles Babbage Institute in January 2006.  We started a web site in March 2006, merged with the VIP Club site in March 2007. 

The Committee and project have three priority objectives:

  • to capture whatever remaining material and information we can,  
  • to catalog and archive all the material collected, and 

  • to publish/publicize our history and heritage in a way that interests others within our industry and our fellow Minnesotans.



Page 13 updated 11/11/16.

1.0 Legacy Project Results

  • December 2012, transferred all hardware artifacts to the Dakota County Historical Society's Lawshe Museum in South St. Paul, MN.
  • Gathered over 300 topical articles and career summaries for web site use.  
  • Conducted oral/video interviews with about three dozen retired persons. 
  •  Gathered numerous documents from retirees.
  •  Cataloged 40 boxes of patent dockets before transferring them to the Charles Babbage Institute. 
  • Published "The Fred Hargesheimer Story." for local distribution and web viewing. 
  •  Transferred all collected articles and career summaries from Lowell Benson's personal web site to the VIP Club's new web site. 
  •  Created new genealogy charts from old combined and defense charts plus modern information - see computers page. 
  •  Ole retired on 3/31/2008, John Westergren is now the LMCO focal point.  John has also replaced Lee Meyer as Executive of Interest as of July 15th, 2008. 
  •  Developed a technology history display for Minnesota's 2008 sesquicentennial Capitol Mall celebration.  Showed this display at Plant 4, the MACS building, LMCO, the Eagan Community Center, and the Minnesota State Fair.   Generated a report then placed the report and artifacts into the 2058 Bi-Centennial time capsule. 
  •  We setup then staffed a display of our History/Legacy booth items at the University of Minnesota's Computer Science open house on October 10, 2009 and October 14, 2011.

2.0 Legacy Future Plans

Harvey Taipale and volunteers will be meeting at the Lawshe Museum to continue cataloguing artifacts, documents, and photos.  Contact Harvey if you'd are willing to help.


We've started outlining a book intending to eventually publish an anthology using items from the web site. [Lowell Benson]


We've begun investigating the process of developing a movie. [Harvey Taipale]


We're seeking volunteers to expand the Legacy display at the Lawshe Museum, contact Keith Myhre to volunteer.


We've finished oral interviews of  'old timers'. Now we need someone to transcribe those interviews. [John Westergren]


Results Continued

  • Displayed snippets of the Legacy for two 2010 semesters in the U of MN Walter Library.

  • Displayed the Legacy and NTDS participation during the 2011 50th Government Contractor Assn Forum - University of Minnesota. 

  • Earl Vraa led a group documenting the Computer Aided Design development at UNIVAC. 

  • Bernie 'Mike' Svendsen led an effort to document the history of semi-conductor developments in the Twin Cities area. 

 3.0 Committee Members

3.1 VIP Club volunteers

Lowell Benson - Engineering Manager

Bill Bergen - Systems Engineer

Larry Bolton - Component Engineer

Anil Deodhar - Systems Engineer

Millie Gignac - Human Resources

Quintin Heckert - Systems Engineer, Fellow

Bernie Jansen - Engineering Manager

Dick Lundgren - Instructor/Writer

Keith Myhre - Systems Engineer & marketing Manager

Tricia Myhre - Systems Programmer

Les Nelson - Systems Engineer

Bob Pagac - Program Manager

Dan Rogers - Systems Trainer

Jon Simon - Systems Engineer

Mike Svendsen - Procurement and Semiconductor Development

Harvey Taipale - Engineering Manager

Tom Turba - Engineering Manager

Earl Vraa - Engineering Manager

3.2 CBI Advisor

Dr. Tom Misa - Director, Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota

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